V&V Design Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in Mumbai, India in 1993 as a Private Foreign Invested High Technology Limited Liability Company. V&V Design, Taiwan was incorporated as a Foreign Investment Approved Public Share Company.

Both the companies have been founded by Bert Q. Vlaanderen who has the distinction of founding and co-founding several succesful companies (OmniLabs and Esonic among others). He is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan and is involved in the overall management of new product developments in India, technology transfers and Product Engineers in Taiwan, HK & China.

Manoj R. Karam, an alumnus of the prestigious WIEECT institute, is the General Manager and has vast experience in electronic product design and management of engineering teams. Located in Mumbai, India, he manages all day-to-day operations of the design lab including all technical aspects of the design management.

V&V Design has under its wings a talent pool of highly specialized and competent engineers. The R&D team includes Industrial Designers, Graphic Designers, Electronic Engineers, PCB Designers, Mechanical Engineers, Embedded & Application Software Programmers, QA & Test Engineers, Documentation Engineers, Component Engineers, etc. This talent pool is harnessed to the maximum to give V&V an edge over competitors who suffer from limited engineering resources—a condition that is so typical in this industry.

    Bert Q. Vlaanderen
Manoj R. Karam

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