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V&V Design is very much a "Technology Driven" company. Its success stems from how well and how quickly it is able to apply new available components into new consumer electronic products designs that bring the user a compelling experience and increased cost-performance. Through its close relationship with component vendors and through its abundant engineering resources and vast experience, it is able to excel in this.

As a product design partner, V&V Design has some compelling sustainable advantages over others. Amongst them is its expertise in application of Digital Audio/Video, MPEG, MP3, CD, DVD, Remote Control, Battery and LCD technology. Having its main laboratory located in Mumbai, India yields a number of additional advantages such as:

Excellent English-speaking abilities of the people; easy to communicate and easy to digest the latest of engineering data  
Large pool of skilled Engineers available; we 'hand-pick' the best  
High educational level of Engineers matching that of Universities in the USA & Europe  
Stable environment—Engineers stay on one project for extended periods of time  
Confidentiality—There is virtually no possibility of know-how leaking out to competitors  

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