Technology Transfer

V&V Design is able to develop products that meet the highest standards of technological innovation and quality.

In the past years, V&V Designs' products have consistently received design awards as well as large sales and profits to its customers. The market strength of its product designs and technology can be measured by the fact that, as many as four companies were successfully founded based on V&V Designs' technology alone. In fact, V&V Design is constantly being approached by entrepreneurs seeking to 'borrow seed-technology' as a base for their startup corporations.

Instead of working on a limited number of product designs, V&V Design is able to design a complete range of products for its customers. It can do so thanks to its ability to quickly expand its scale of operation and is able to manage that well by means of leveraging its fast experience and sharing its technology expertise over the various products that use related technology. Currently, in-house skills are available for all the skills required for CE & AI electronic product design, such as:

Analog Circuit Design  
Digital Circuit Design  
PCB Design  
Users' Interface Design  
Software Design  
Firmware & Micro-code Programming  
CD/DVD DSP & Servo Control  
User-Interface Design  
Industrial Design  
Mechanical Design  
Graphic Design  
User Manual Writing  
Design for EMI & EMC Compliance and  
Design for Asian Manufacturing  

By having all these skills literally "under one roof", and by using the latest CAD/CAM workstations and test and measurement equipment, V&V Design is able to complete product designs most efficiently with a high quality and within a short period of time as demanded by today's market.

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